I look to the lichen, the whale, and the turtle dove. They are not safe from humans, fossil fuels, or a warming planet. And yet, they go on anyways         

          Even as they face disappearance, they sing, love, fly, grow. If they can, we must. 

I am          

An artist, contemplative, community-builder, academic, filmmaker, and eco-doula. These strike similar vibrations from a common center, a yearning to seed a more loving world. 

Thank you for being here.

I believe          

Central to an alternate orthopraxy to the dominant culture that has extracted, pillaged and destroyed so much, we need ceremonies, rituals and ways of life that embody our interdependence - that call us home.

The offerings I’ve woven– organizations and projects–are threads in a spiral I call the orbit of interconnection. These inhabit multiple rings on the metaphorical heart of the tree. These layers, like those of a tree ring, are both concentric and expansive, nested and radiating: learning, co-creation, expression, expansion, and healing. These elements of the orbit of interconnection are my small apprenticeship to the living world. They re-story and re-imagine, so as to plant resilience, grow community and deepen more loving ways of living.
I offer          

Ecological Wisdom Direction sessions with individuals and groups.

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